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Extra Super Zhewitra

Active Ingredient

Vardenafil + Dapoxetine


Premature Ejaculation


Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


4 Tablets In 1 strip


Vardenafil (40mg) + Dapoxetine (60mg)

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6 To 15 Days

Extra Super Zhewitra

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What is Extra Super Zhewitra?

Extra Super Zhewitra is a new generation of thoughtfully composed and manufactured medicine from the leading medical experts that deal with two men’s sexual problems at once.

Many male patients complain about suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation at the same time.

Taking Zhewitra pills helps to deal with both problems using this one pill. You don’t have to buy two separate medicines for both of your disorders.

Now with Extra Super Zhewitra, you can cure both disorders using one pill.

Where to buy Extra Super Zhewitra online?

You should buy the Extra Super Zhewitra pills online from trusted and renowned websites to get the best deals and offers and also to buy the best quality medicines.

To buy Extra Super Zhewitra you can trust online portals such as genericstrip as they are highly trusted by other customers for online buying of all sorts of medicines.

How Does Extra Super Zhewitra Work?

After you take a pill of Zhewitra the Vardenfil inside takes around 30 minutes to get activated. Once it is active it will block the PDE-5 hormones.

This causes a secretion of the hormone named guanosine monophosphate which would otherwise be blocked off due to the action of the PDE-5 hormones.

After it changes into its cyclical form called the cGMP hormone it will activate the nitric oxide in our body. Nitric oxide has a relaxing effect on the tissues of the blood vessels and it acts as a vasodilator.

How to take Super Zhewitra?

To make this pill just take out one pill daily and swallow it with water. Do not break or crush the medicine.

You can take the medicine anytime during the day but taking it one hour before having sex is the best time.

Why You Need Extra Super Zhewitra For Male Sexual Impotence!

This is medicine to deal with two male disorders at the same time which are erectile dysfunction or impotence and premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction is a male disorder that does not make you achieve hard erections upon stimulating the penis.

This causes problems for the male partner to have sex. These pills will bring back the hard erections for you. All you need to take the pill as recommended by the doctor and you can check out the differences in bed.

The use of the Extra Super Zhewitra

If you are suffering from both erectile problems and premature ejaculation or even any one of them you can use the medicine to good effects.

This pill is use for male patients to have hard erections so that it becomes easy to penetrate and even hold on to their ejaculation for a longer time.

This Medicine is a patent medicine of Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. It is also medically approve and declared fit for use by the FDA.

You can use Extra Super Zhewitra but make sure to consult a doctor first. Many internal factors could contraindicate and cause side effects in the patient if you overdose.

So always make sure to take the medicine in the right amounts as specified by the doctor.

Benefits of Using Extra Super Zhewitra For Sale

Are you aware of the benefits of using this tablet? No. Those who are found to have erectile dysfunction in addition to an untimely discharge may be prescribed a pill.

Men who feel physically stimulated often experience highs due to a condition known as an untimely discharge.

What are The Right Extra Super Zhewitra Dosages?

If you talk about the composition of the Extra Super Zhewitra pills then it composes of two generic substances in them.

One is Vardenafil for curing erectile dysfunction and the other one is Dapoxetine hydrochloride for taking care of the premature ejaculation part.

The concentration of Vardenafil in the medicine is 40 mg while that of Dapoxetine is 60 mg. Vardenafil acts as a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor and increases the blood flow in the penis causing an erection.

What happens if you take too much Vardenafil?

Vardenafil pills increases the blood flow to the penis tissues thus causing an erection. It acts as a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor. Overdosing Vardenafil can be a major issue as it will increase the possibility of having a side effect.

When you take too much Vardenfil than is require for your body then it might cause mild to severe side effects. The severity level of the side effects depends on how many overdoses you have taken.

In any case, if you have overdosed on Vardenafil inform the doctor first. If you are suffering from severe side effects you might even have to visit the doctor.

In most cases, it has been seen that people forget to take basic precautions and be alert while taking the medicine. Thus they take a higher dose of Vardenafil than what is necessary.

In other cases, people tend to take two pills to double the amount of Vardenafil as they had forgotten to take the previous one. Make sure you don’t do any of this

Side effects

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pains
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Itching
  • Priapism
  • Fast and irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fainting
  • Blurred vision
  • Changes in hearing


With the Extra Super Zhewitra USA, you need to maintain certain precautions like taking the medicines in the right doses in time. Do not miss out on the dose.

But if you have forgotten anyway, you can take it later but there should be a long time interval from the missed dose to the next dose.

Also before you take a regular dose of Vardenafil ask your doctor whether it is safe for you to take them.

Inform about your past medical history and also about your present conditions such as cardiac problems, liver and kidney problems, nerve problems, and instances of a sudden drop in blood pressure.

Also, it is not safe for you to consume alcohol when you are taking a regular dose of these pills. Some antibiotics like antifungal medicines and HIV medicines might contraindicate with Vardenafil.

There are some compounds like nitroglycerine which can also interact with Vardenafil to cause side effects.

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Do you know how to store these pills? No. These pills should be kept at room temperature, out of the sun’s direct rays, and away from moisture.


Extra Super Zhewitra Review has got good reviews from most of the patients. They have all commented positively that medicine has very good effects. The chances of having side effects from this medicine are close to none.

You can take the pills and use them for long-term treatment as the cost per tablet is also highly affordable.


Extra Super Zhewitra Tablet is a brand-new generation of carefully crafted and produced medication from the top medical professionals that addresses two men’s sexual issues at once.

Many male patients lament having both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction at the same time.

By using just one pill, Zhewitra aids in addressing both issues. You don’t need to purchase two different medications to treat your two conditions.

With Extra Super Zhewitra, both disorders can now be treated with just one pill.


Q: Additional Extra Super Zhewitra Drug Interaction?

Vardenafil has been connect to various medication collaborations. Hypotension might happen when Alpha-blockers, like terazosin, associate. Nitrates have a cautioning medication connection because they increase the danger of hypotension. Vardenafil has been connect to various medication collaborations.

Q: When should Extra Super Zhewitra tablets not be taken?

Assuming that you have an unfavorably susceptible response to the equivalent, you should try not to utilize vardenafil. Assuming you’re using antihypertensive medication, you should keep away from Vardenafil

Q: How could Extra Super Zhewitra pills be stored?

Get this medication far from hotness, light, and dampness at room temperature. Keep this medicine in a protected spot where your children will not have the option to get it.


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