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Ivecop DT 3 mg (Ivermectin)

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Ivermectin (3mg)

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Ivecop DT 3 mg (Ivermectin)

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What is Ivecop DT 3 mg?

One of the major reasons for getting infection in the body is for many reasons, so whatever the reason, if you have a parasitic infection or disease, it is best to get rid of it. Obviously, you can treat such infections with the help of Ivecop DT 3 mg capsules.

There are several types of infections that can be treated with this Ivecop DT 3 mg USA tablet. Such infections as intestinal strongyloidiasis, filarial trojan horse infestations, onchocerciasis, and more can be easily eliminated when you are prescribed anti-parasite medicine.

However, the anti-parasite drug, which consists of Ivermectin 3 mg, ensures giving people a complete infection-free life where they can find the best possible way to overcome the infections immediately.

Menarini India Pvt Ltd manufactures and prepares the Ivecop DT 3 mg medicines in a vast laboratory by using cutting-edge technology and innovative devices.

Uses of Ivecop DT 3mg

The main use of Ivecop DT 3 mg tablets is to give first-class treatment for killing many infections in the body that are cause by parasites.

On the other hand, parasitic infections like ascariasis, also called roundworms, enterobiasis, also called pinworms, and trichuriasis, also called whipworms, are only eradicated by using Ivermectin drugs.

It is the most fantastic medicine, which effectively kills all such parasitic infections that harassed your life to survive. Once you are recommend for an intake of Ivermectinthus, after regular use of the medication, you can feel completely healthy and strong from the inside.

In addition, at the same time, various parasite infections attack different parts of the body, like onchocerciasis, an infection that occurs to the skin, lymph, eyes, and nodes. But do not worry at all, because taking Ivermectin allows you to get rid of such infections quickly. Scabies are communicable diseases that can be eliminated with the use of Ivecop DT 3 mg.

How long does Ivecop DT 3mg take to work?

After taking an Ivecop DT 3 mg tablet, you can realize its action within 24 hours, but you need to take a daily dosage of medicine so that it will be easier for you to get the best and fastest result from the drug. It takes one to two days to work and gives effective results.

How does it work?

Ivecop DT 3mg contains an active ingredient known as ivermectin, and it is one of the anti-parasite medicines. However, the medicine starts functioning on the way to killing parasites through the process of particularly fastening to the glutamate-gated chloride ion channels present inside the nervous system cells and the muscle cells of the organisms. It acts by inhibiting Ivermectin glutamate-gated chloride ion channel expansion to the flow of chloride ions, which generally finishes up the hyperpolarization, and treats parasites.


When you are taking the Ivecop DT 3mg pill, make sure you are consuming such medicine on a regular basis.

Take some water and swallow this anti-parasite tablet with plain water. You can ingest one pill anytime, meaning before and after your meal.

Furthermore, a regular dose of Ivermectin is mandatory. The anti-parasite medicine is allowed to be take once every 24 hours.

Overdose may cause several side effects, so keep away from excess dosage. Missing dosage can promote many health issues, so try not to forget to take the Ivermectin capsule.

Where can I buy Ivecop DT 3 mg?

The safest and most secure place to buy Ivecop DT 3 mg is online at genericstrip. Our medicine, Ivecop DT 3 mg online, is always available.

Buy Ivecop DT 3mg easily from our well-established drug pharmacy within a second without standing in a big queue.

You have the best chance to get the best quality drugs at the most cost-effective rates. We don’t compromise on the quality of medicines and ensure better quality products always.

Our online drug platform is design for customers who can easily access our site and avail the medicines considerably.


  • Do not take anti-fungal and anti-parasite medicines together.
  • Avoid alcohol intake with Ivecop DT 3 mg tablets.
  • If you have complaints about your health problems like kidney, heart, and other infections, try to consult a doctor before using Ivermectin pills.
  • Do not take medicine if you are a would-be mother or during pregnancy; just avoid it in this condition.


Q. Is Ivecop DT 3 mg an antibiotic or steroid?

A.No, Ivecop DT 3mg is neither an antibiotic nor a steroid, even though it mainly belongs to anthelmintic medicine.

Q. Can I take Ivecop DT 3 mg at bedtime?

A. It is best to take Ivecop DT 3mg before bedtime, just 2 hours before going to sleep, so it will give you a visible result instantly.

Q. Can Ivecop DT 3 mg cause blood clots?

A. No, Ivermectin doesn’t cause blood clots, so you can take it without fear of causing blood clots.


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