In India, diabetes has become a more serious health concern in recent years. Presently, 11.4% of people have diabetes, and an additional 15.3% are at risk of developing the disease! It is reasonable to presume that diabetics come from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Diabetes can only be controlled with a stringent, long-term treatment and monitoring regimen. Over time, the expense of prescribed diabetes medications can be very burdensome for a family’s budget. As a result, people frequently ask their doctors how to reduce the cost of treating diabetes.

Recognizing the Fundamentals of Diabetes Care

By adhering to a strict diabetes management regimen, people with diabetes or prediabetes can lead normal lives.

If controlled correctly, it can avoid further spikes in blood sugar and other dangerous diabetes-induced health consequences such as nerve damage, heart and kidney difficulties, blindness, diabetes foot, etc. On the other hand, these problems might increase the cost of managing diabetes if it is not adequately treated.

The following are components of every diabetic management plan:

Taking the medications that your doctor has given

Routinely checking blood sugar

Maintaining a nutritious diet

Regular exercise

regular blood testing and follow-up appointments, as directed by your physician

Diabetes Medication Types

Diabetes medications come in several varieties. Some stimulate the production of more insulin by the pancreas. Others inhibit the liver enzymes responsible for breaking down carbohydrates, which reduces the rate at which blood sugar levels rise after meals.

Or perhaps you need to take insulin. In addition, doctors provide medications for diabetic comorbidities include hypertension, heart problems, insomnia, etc. Overall, diabetes medications are very successful in treating the illness and the issues that arise from it.

Typical Errors People Make When Taking Diabetes Medications

Avoiding these errors is imperative:

Don’t forget to take your medication or skip it. Use a pill organizer or set an alarm to remind you if you frequently forget things.

Do not substitute home remedies for the prescription medications that your doctor has given. Diabetes  can be fatal if treatment is not received.

A pill should not be broken or split in order to take it more than once. Your doctor will determine whether to alter the dosage of any medications.

Failure to heed the aforementioned advice could result in future treatment costs rising.

The Issue: Taking Care of Diabetes Can Be Expensive

According to certain research, monthly expenses for individuals with diabetes are twice as high as those without the disease.

So now your query might be, ‘Are diabetes treatments usually expensive?’

To address this, the cost of these medications varies, primarily depending on the kind of medication you have been prescribed—that is, branded or generic.

The Answer: Using Generic Substitutes Can Help Lower Your Drug Costs

Indeed! Using generic alternatives can result in cost savings when managing diabetes. 

However, what are generic substitutes and are they really safe?

The active chemicals in generic alternatives are identical to those in non-generic, or branded, medications and are present in the same strength.

They are composed of the same materials.

Regarding dosage, mode of administration, potency, and intended use, they are comparable.

They are just as effective as branded medications as they have the same therapeutic effect.

However, how do generic substitutes cost less?

Typically, a patent protects the manufacturing of a newly introduced medication. However, other pharmaceutical companies using the same formulation can offer its generic equivalent once the patent expires.

Because these medications have already been approved and through clinical studies, doing further clinical trials would not be necessary, saving money and allowing generic alternatives to be offered at a significantly reduced cost.

How to reduce the cost of diabetic medications

You may choose to use less expensive generic alternatives to your prescription diabetic medications. On the Genericstrip website or app, quality-assured generic medications for diabetes are available.

You might ask your doctor to recommend generic alternatives for your diabetes medication that are just as effective but far less expensive.

Before making a purchase, you can always see what discounts are available on medications with the exact same composition and compare their costs.

How to cut costs on supplies for diabetes

Rather than buying your diabetic supplies one at a time, try buying them in bulk, including glucose monitors and diabetic test strips.

Remember to compare the pricing and discounts provided while purchasing them, whether you are doing so online or at your neighborhood pharmacy.

Diet and Exercise Are Important for Reducing Diabetes Care Costs

To increase the efficacy of the medicine and therapy.

Pay attention to your diet and stick to your diabetic health regimen.

Whole grains and mixed grains, eggs, lean meat, soy products, and non-starchy veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, leafy greens, and cabbages, as well as fruits like berries, oranges, bananas, apples, and grapes, will all be beneficial. Make dinner at home rather than going out to eat.

Every day, work out. It may increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Additionally, it lowers the risk of nerve damage and cardiac problems.

Resolve tension and obtain restful sleep.

In summary

It can be difficult to live with diabetes, and the cost of prescription drugs can make things worse. You can actually lower long-term diabetes costs and lead a healthy life by following a well-structured multifaceted diabetic care strategy.

Switching to generic drugs is actually a feasible method to cut costs while still keeping the necessary treatment. Discuss generic medications with your doctor as a possible part of your treatment regimen. This could result in a considerable monthly savings care costs.