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Beclate Inhaler (Beclometasone)

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Beclometasone (200mcg)

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Beclate Inhaler (Beclometasone)

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Do you get Asthma bouts recurrently? Don’t you get to sleep at night due to constant coughing? Cough which takes place due to asthma keeps a person awake all night. If your asthma symptoms bother you, make an appointment with your doctor.

Your medical provider checks your lungs and your health to know the condition of asthma.

After a thorough diagnosis, your medical practitioner prescribes you a Beclate Inhaler.

This effective inhaler belongs to a class of medicines called steroids. This inhaler is designed to treat asthma.

You can also prevent asthma with this effective inhaler.

When you inhale the inhaler, it suppresses the inflammation in the airway passage and lungs.

When you inhale this inhaler, it widens the airway to help you breathe with ease.

What is a Beclate Inhaler?

Beclate Inhaler with the active ingredient beclomethasone is a drug used in obstructive diseases respiratory tract that is administered by inhalation which enables target therapy,

Beclate Inhaler in the lungs has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces swelling and irritation Of some parts of the respiratory tract.

It is necessary to use the medicine regularly.

If the symptoms of acute occur like a sudden asthma attack like when you feel you have no breath, do not use Beclate Inhaler to eliminate them.

How does Beclate Inhaler work?

Beclometasone inhaler contains beclomethasone propionate, a topical corticost***id and anti-inflammatory medication that blocks the production of inflammatory chemicals released in the airways in response to asthma triggers, such as allergens or irritants in the air.

Inflammation is one of the underlying causes of asthma along with bronchospasm, which is constriction (narrowing of the bronchioles (small airways).

Beclometasone inhaler in Beclate Inhaler works directly on the airway walls to reduce inflammatory reactions in the airways, which helps to prevent symptoms of asthma caused by swollen and inflamed airways, like wheezing, cough, tightness of the chest, and shortness of breath.

It does not relieve bronchospasm which happens during an asthma attack and needs a “reliever” medication to open the airways.

How to use your Beclate Inhaler?

Follow the instructions provided with your Beclate Inhaler.

  • Remove the mouthpiece cover and shake the inhaler.
  • Breathe out as far as is comfortable and then place the mouthpiece in your mouth.
  • Start to inhale and press down on the top of the inhaler to release a dose of beclomethasone while still breathing in through your mouth until
  • your lungs are full, and then hold your breath for a few seconds.
  • Remove the inhaler and breathe normally.
  • Replace the mouthpiece cover.
  • Rinse your mouth after use.

Note: You can use a spacer device to help you inhale correctly.

How to take Beclate Inhaler?

You should take your Beclate Inhaler as recommended by your doctor.

The dose of Beclate Inhaler you use (how many puffs or inhalations) and how often take it depends on the severity of your asthma and your age and should be as recommended by your doctor.

You will usually take one or two puffs twice a day, morning and evening.

Beclate inhaler does not work immediately, but is intended as a long-term medication which may take up to a week to start to work and it may take several weeks before you feel maximum benefit.

You should not stop taking your Beclate inhaler, even if you feel better.


There are various dosages of the Beclate inhaler which you can access in pharmacies.

Before your doctor prescribes this inhaler, your doctor checks your health to know which dose will be apt for you. There is a proper technique to use this inhaler.

Ask your doctor how to use this inhaler to make Buy Beclate Inhaler work in your body.

Before you use this inhaler, shake the inhaler once.

To release the medicine, press down on the inhaler once and breathe in from your mouth. Hold your breath for only 10 seconds. Inhale the number of puffs your medical provider prescribes you.

After you inhale, rinse your mouth with water thoroughly and spit the water out.

If you skip the dose, make sure to take the missed dose of the inhaler immediately.

Do not overdose on the inhaler which may show serious health complications. If you notice serious health issues, get in touch with your medical provider.

Side Effects

You may experience certain side effects after taking this inhaler. Some common side effects you may experience are sore tongue, Throat Irritations, Abnormal taste, hoarseness in voice, Burning in the application site, and irritation in the application site.

If any of the side effects do not disappear after a few days, contact your medical provider.


If you are allergic to the compound of this inhaler, you should not use this inhaler.

Contact your doctor if you experience long-term side effects. If you suffer from asthma, you should take Beclate Inhaler Online with the prescription of your doctor.

Do not take any other medicines while you are taking this inhaler. Drug interactions are possible if you take this medicine with other medications.

Do not smoke cigarettes which makes asthma worse. Keep this medicine out of reach of children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.


The inhaler is to be maintained under proper storage conditions to obtain the full efficacy of the drug:

  • Make sure the inhaler is not in the vicinity of extreme heat or flames; there are chances of an explosion
  • Close the cap of the mouthpiece tightly to prevent the entry of moisture and to avoid losing potency
  • Do not refrigerate the drug
  • Place Beclate Inhaler in a place away from the reach of small children and pets; they can be affected severely if consumed


Q. Is this medication habit-forming?

A. No. There is no evidence showing the habit-forming property of the Beclate inhaler.

Q. Can I use this medication in case of acute asthma?

A. No. Beclate inhaler is not effective in cases of acute asthma attacks. It might aggravate the condition. The inhaler is used only in managing existing asthma conditions.

Q. Does this drug affect kidney or liver function?

A. Since the drug is inhaled directly, the amount of drug available in the blood does not impair organs like the liver and kidney.


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