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Careprost 3ml Eye Drop (With Brush)

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Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (India)


3 ml in 1 bottle


Bimatoprost (0.03% w/v)

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6 To 15 Days

Careprost 3ml Eye Drop (With Brush)

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Careprost Eye Drops with Brush Online USA

Careprost 3ml Eye Drop (With Brush) with the brush is a great solution for treating hypotrichosis and glaucoma. It comprises a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution of 0.03% that works by lowering eye pressure. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd is the manufacturer of eye drops. It belongs to a group of class prostaglandin analogs. Careprost with a brush helps in reducing the risk of optic nerve damage as lead with the effect of glaucoma. It works by causing a higher amount of aqueous fluid to help drain away and lower the pressure in the eyes.

The application is effective in the form of eye drops. With an effective composition in the eye drops, it promotes eyelash growth and provides flawless darker eyelashes, a product useful for women who desire long and thick eyelashes. It affects eyelash hair regrowth. Cosmetic treatment is affordable and comes at a reasonable price to provide the best and most promising results.

Use of Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush)

The Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush) Bimatoprost is primarily used to deal with conditions like hypertension, and also for people who might be suffering from lesser growth in their eyelashes. Using this effectively can help with these conditions and help your vision over a long-term basis.

The solution is the type of solution that can every day in ensuring that you can deal with different forms of conditions as mentioned without any forms of side effects. It can act as a major source of relief for your peripheral vision to not get compromise because of any form of disease that your eyes might be suffering from.

Mechanism Of Action: Careprost Eye Drops With Brush

Careprost 3ml Eye Drop with brush also known as Lumigan and Latisse in the USA. Consist of bimatoprost, a synthetic analog (mimic) of the naturally occurring prostamide, which is a prostaglandin chemical that has distinct and specific functions in various elements of the body, such as potent ocular hypertensive (pressure-reducing) activity.  The buildup of pressure in the eye that is seen in glaucoma is cause by a blockage in the draining system for the eye fluid call aqueous humor, which is produce perennially to maintain normal eye pressure.

Contraindication: Careprost Eye Drops With Brush

Hypersensitivity to careprost eye drops with a brush is a contraindication. In addition, Careprost Eye Drops with a brush should not be applied if you have the following situations or conditions:

  • Abnormal liver function.
  • Inflammation of the iris.
  • Brain cancer.
  • Macular swelling and degeneration of the eyes. Etc.


One or two drops of this solution are enough to get possible results of a good nature to treat your conditions. However, commitment still depends upon the needs of the patient and whether the doctor finds that more doses should be add to him or alleviate this situation.

How long Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush) shall be continue

Generally, for an individual who develops Glaucoma in its innocent stages then at least one or two months of usage for this medication is recommended. The period might extend as the disease gets more complicated.

Missed dose of Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush)

It is not right to skip the Doses of Careprost Eye Drop (With Brush) to get its result properly. , In a situation where you skip the dose, it is also important for you to not put extra drops of this solution in your eyes the next day. This will not render any positive result and instead can cause serious side effects over a temporary.

Storage: Careprost Eye Drops With Brush

You should keep your Careprost 3ml Eye Drop (With Brush) medicine in a cool place where the temperature stays below 25 C and always replace the top on the dropper to stop contamination. Some other important points are mention below which are also helpful for storing Careprost Eye Drops with a brush:

  • Store it away from the children.
  • Store it away from the water
  • Keep it away from the sunlight.
  • Store it, in its original pack. etc

Cautions and warning

The solution has not been developing for usage among children below the age of 18 years. So keep it away from them.

Also, the brush provide with the solution should not be use to quote any other solution in your eyes. As this can be a compromise to the intake of the solution in your eyes causing problems.

Using the solution to treat any other conditions of Eyes should not be entertaine.

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