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Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule

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Male Hypogonadism


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Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule

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What is Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule

Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule contains the male sex hormone Testosterone, essential for developing male bodies. 

It helps restore Testosterone levels in the male body. This medication is used to treat Male Hypogonadism caused by low Testosterone levels. 

It aids in maintaining a healthy sexual life, improves physical appearance, elevates mood, and boosts confidence.

It is a prescription-based medicine prescribed only to men with known medical issues. 

Sun Pharmaceutical is a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule. 

How does Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule work

Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule contains the male sex hormone Testosterone, which belongs to a class of medications called Androgenic hormones.  

Cernos works by supplying synthetic Testosterone to replace the low levels of Testosterone that the body produces naturally. 

It works identically to biological Testosterone.

How to take Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule

Always follow your doctor’s advice. These tips might help you:

Take Cernos Capsules according to your doctor’s instructions

Take this medication with food to prevent stomach discomfort. Avoid breaking, chewing, or crushing the capsule

Do not exceed or decrease the dosage, do the entire course precisely as your doctor advises

Consult your physician if you suffer persistent or worsening side effects.

While taking Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule, it is advisable to have regular checkups with your doctor so they can monitor your condition

Uses of Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule

It effectively treats Male Hypogonadism caused by low Testosterone levels

Male Hypogonadism

Hypogonadism is a condition that affects men in which the body doesn’t make enough hormone (Testosterone) that is important for male growth and development.

A variety of underlying disorders can cause it.

It is characterized by low bone density, loss of muscle mass, Impotence, infertility, delayed puberty, low sex drive, etc. 


Seek emergency medical attention or contact your doctor in case of any overdose symptoms. Emergency medical treatment will be initiated by the doctor if any overdose symptoms is suspected.

Missed Dose:

The missed dosage should be taken as soon as possible. It is advisable to skip the missed dosage if it is already time for your next scheduled dosage. Do not take double dosage to make up for the missed dosage.

Side effects 

It is a safe medicine. However, some patients may encounter the following side effects:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Enlargement of breasts in males
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Headache
  • Weight gain
  • Acne
  • Mood swings, including depression
  • Tiredness
  • Breathing difficulties


Adhere to specific contraindications before using this medication:

  • It is meant to be used only by men
  • This medication may cause Prostate cancer in older men. If you have Prostate cancer, tell your doctor
  • Cernos Capsules may create blood clotting problems
  • It may alter the cholesterol and fat levels in your blood. Talk about your concerns with your doctor
  • This medicine can cause Hypertension and increase the risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Use it cautiously as it may cause Gynecomastia (swelling of breasts) and breast discomfort
  • Hypercalcemia may occur with this medicine. If you develop Depression, stomach pain, confusion, dry mouth, loss of appetite, increased urination, or muscle weakness, tell your doctor right away


The medication must be stored at room temperature where there is no sunlight

Keep out of the reach of children

Do not store unused or expired medicines

Ask your doctor how to dispose of unneeded medications


Q. Who should not take Cernos Capsule?

Men with Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, or kidney illness should not be give the Cernos Soft Gelatin Capsule. It should be avoide by people with or currently, have Liver Cancer and those with elevate calcium levels in the blood. It should not be use by females and children younger than 18.

Q. What are the side effects of Cernos 40 mg?

The most prevalent side effects are increasing red blood cells, Diarrhea, leg pain, dizziness, sweating, Headache, Acne, breast pain, and Gynecomastia. Consult with your doctor if any of these side effects affect you.

Q. Can this medicine be take during pregnancy?

Women cannot use Cernos Capsule. This medicine is only for men. 

Q. How long does Cernos take to work?

While some of the effects of Cernos Gel may show within three weeks, some may require more time. For example, changes in erections/ejaculations may take up to 6 months, whereas the influence on sexual desire can happen after three weeks.


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