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Duolin Respules (Levosalbutamol/Ipratropium)

Active Ingredient

Levosalbutamol / Ipratropium


allergic reactions, Allergy symptoms, Asthma


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5 Respules in 1 packet


Levosalbutamol (1.25mg) + Ipratropium (500mcg)

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6 To 15 Days

Duolin Respules (Levosalbutamol/Ipratropium)

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Overview of Duolin Respules

Duolin Respules is a type of preventive for patients having COPD and asthma disorders.

If you have some of these disorders too maybe you need to have a recommendation from the doctors to be able to use this inhaler-type medication.

Use of this needs high caution at the time of administration where you have to set specific time gaps to take in the medicine and also know just how many puffs to take each time.

Any slight misuse of the medicine such as taking more than the puffs you need may cause dizziness, headache, nausea, or even palpitations as some of the common side effects.

Remember that this is not one of those medicines that can help you to relieve the symptoms of COPD or when you are dealing with an Asthma attack.

Taking effects of the medicine may take up to several weeks as it comes from the preventive type category.

What Is Duolin Respules?

Duolin Respules From the USA is a type of combo medicine that prevents suffering from asthma and COPD.

The ideal purpose of someone needing to use this medicine is to gradually reduce the chances of having asthma and COPD attacks.

So suppose that you have symptoms such as chest pain, tightness of the airways, breathlessness, and wheezing daily, after using the medicine for about a month you can see that the frequency of such attacks will come down.

But despite using this doctors still recommend you to be cautious about the environment you are in and avoid all asthma and COPD symptom triggers such as dust, animal dander, and certain chemical fumes.

Working of Buy Duolin Respules

The preventive type of medicine as we told you above contains a mix of two generic elements in the right composition just to prevent the person from any sudden attack.

Levosalbutamol which has a dose of 1.25mg is a type of Bronchodilator which means that it makes the tissues and the trachea wide open to allow breathing to become easier.

It overcomes the tightness in the muscles of the trachea to let it ease out and allow normal breathing and passing more air through the airways.

On the other hand, Ipratropium is a type of anticholinergic type medicine that works by preventing certain neurotransmitter chemicals to released from the nerve cells.

Disallowing the release of such chemicals from the brain cells indirectly prevents involuntary muscle control.

How To Take Duolin Respules Online?

So, when you have to take your medicine you need to become cautious.

Are you administering such a medicine for the first time? Allow your doctors to show you how to use the medicine.

One basic technique to get the right amount of puff each time you inhale through the Duolin Respules is to hold it in an upright position.

Further, each will contain a label at its back to show the list of steps you need to take to use the Duolin Respules.

There is a switch at the top of the Duolin Respules online which you need to twist and then press from the top for the liquid to come to the nebulizer section of the Duolin Respules.

And then you need to inhale it through your mouth.

Benefits of Using Duolin Respules

Buy Duolin Respules is the right type of Duolin Respules if you are looking to considerably reduce the chances of COPD symptoms and asthma attacks.

It may work gradually but it will be surely effective in reducing the frequency of such instances if taken at the right dose.

Dosage Of Duolin Respules For Sale

As we told you above that the dosage for levosalbutamol is 1.25mg and that of Ipratropium is 500.

But how many times should you use this per day or how many times should you take puffs? Well, for this you need a proper diagnosis of your health conditions to allow the doctors to find out which stage of asthma or COPD you are in.

Based on such critical information along with any allergic tendency doctors will inform you of the dosage.

Remember, once your dosage is fixated by the doctors do not change it without their authorization.


Taking more puffs than you should per use is not going to cure the conditions of asthma faster.

Rather it is going to crop up the adverse effects of the medicine including headache, dizziness, palpitations, and so on. Beware of taking a higher dose than the one you need.

Miss Dose

The effects of the medicine only come gradually.

This is not a rescue where it will show its actions within minutes. But being an from the preventive inhale category it will take many days to peak the actions of the generic substances.

This time if you keep missing doses now and then the efficacy of the medication may not be realized and it may fail in reducing the frequency of Asthma and COPD attacks.

Side Effects of Duolin Respules

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Severe coughing
  • tremors
  • muscle cramps
  • feelings of further breathing trouble

Precaution Taking Before Order Duolin Respules

Use carefully and take the medicine each time after specific time gaps.

Do not use alcohol after having the since it may be severely harmful to your health and upbringing of side effects.

Along with this, prevent yourself from driving as it is not safe for you to go outside now.


Female patients especially those who are pregnant or breastfeeding their infants must inform the about such instances to the doctors before their prescription is made.

Mention any other medicines as of use right now including your current health status and the presence of some other disorders.

Storage of Duolin Respules

Storage of your Duolin Respules can be done outside in normal room conditions.

but it is preferable to keep away from the sun’s rays and maintain an environment where the temperature is less than 30 degrees Celsius along with being less humid.

Duolin Respules Review

Patients using the Duolin Respules Review have seen medium to good changes in their lifestyle and the occurrences of asthma and COPD attacks.

Patients can keep using them for as long as the doctors prescribe.


Duolin Respules is a prevention-only for use in patients dealing with symptoms of COPD and Asthma. It helps calm down the tightness of the airways to allow air to flow normally.


Q. Can the use of Duolin Respules cause dry mouth?

A. Yes, the use of Duolin Respules can cause dry mouth. If you experience dry mouth, drink plenty of water. Take regular sips during the day and keep some water by your bed at night.

Q. How Long Can The Actions Remain?

A. Actions of the Duolin Respules UK can remain for several hours which prevents any sort of symptoms to creep in.

Q. What are the instructions for the storage and disposal of Duolin Respules?

A. Keep this medicine in the container it came in, tightly closed. Store it according to the instructions mentioned on the pack or label. Dispose of the unused medicine. Make sure it is not consumed by pets, children, and other people.

Q. What Is The Recommended Dose To Use Duolin Respules?

A. Duolin Respules is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

The recommended dose is one ampoule, three to four times a day: for adults (including elderly patients) and children. Older than 12 years.


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