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Tastylia 5 mg (Tadalafil 5 mg)

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Erectile Dysfunction


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Tastylia 5 mg (Tadalafil 5 mg)

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Tastylia 5 mg is prescribed for adult men with erectile dysfunction (ED) or who have a broken erection at the time of copulation with their sex partner.

ED patients from some countries can buy online if it is unavailable in their region.

Its legal status in the UK, USA, and AU are prescription only.

In some European countries, it is available as generic ED medicine or can buy as over the counter.

The original Tadalafil tablets have a print mark of 5 Mg on the tablets.

It comes with ten tablets in a strip.

What is Tastylia 5 Mg?

Tastylia is a yellow color tablet.

It contains Tadalafil in 5 Mg as its strength. Tastylia for sale is available in the majority of continents.

Taking this best sex drive booster for men will last long penis strength to hold a hard penile erection for more than 5 hours.

It has cured millions of men with ED issues across the globe.

Uses of Tastylia 5 Mg

An ED patient will have partial impotence.

Tastylia 5 Mg is used to treat impotence at the beginning of a patient’s approach to a registered doctor. They will prescribe to buy Tastylia to cure impotence.

A patient who ignores to cure impotence will later become an erectile dysfunction problem.

Any man who is 60-plus and has no erection at all can be treated with Geenric Tadalafil.

 Benefits of Tastylia 5 Mg

Tastylia 5 Mg benefits ED patients in many ways. Married men never give excuses or skip sex when their partners are ready.

A married man with ED issues can hide his male sexual disorder by taking Tadalafil.

ED patients can live healthy and longer as their sex life is through, and the chances of getting heart attacks are less by having daily sex. 

Tastylia Price is cheaper than similar medicines to get stronger erections in the healthcare market.

How Does Tastylia 5 Mg Work?

Tadalafil in 5 Mg is present in Tadalafil tablets. It is a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors drug to treat erectile dysfunction.

It slacks penile muscles and improves blood circulation well. In this way, a broken penis will become harder and last long for hours.

The manufacturer of this medicine has tested it for 15 hours in some patients.

Its Elimination half-life cycle stays up to 17.5 hours after taking Tadalafil dosage. It would be better to read Tastylia online reviews to learn from real-time ED patients.

How to Take Tastylia 5 Mg?

The manufacturer of Tastylia 5 Mg has instructed us to take this tablet in plain or normal drinking water.

ED patients can swallow this tablet before food or after food. It will help if you follow the doctor’s instructions and take this ED medicine.

Buy Tastylia 5 Mg in US and UK

Tastylia USA or the United Kingdom is available in retail and online medical stores. ED patients must buy Tastylia online from authorized channels only.

The prices of Tastylia will be different in all these countries as their dollar value differs with each country.

Comparing the tadalafil price in the retail and online markets will be better before you decide to buy with a prescription.


Tastylia 5 Mg is the starting dose a doctor prescribes for his patient.

When it comes to the most effective ED medicines, Tastylia 5 Mg is stronger than other sex drive boosters for men. Patients are advised to go for consultation as and when their doctor asks to come.

It would help if you could say the actual penile strength you feel after taking this medicine. Your doctor will then decide to stop or continue this medicine.

The manufacturer of this ED medicine has strengths from 5, 10, 15, and 20 Mgs.


Tastylia reviews are the best to read before you are willing to take ED medicines by consulting with a doctor.

It will clear away the precautions while on medication from the ED patients who have taken Tastylia 5 Mg to cure erectile dysfunction.

Your doctor would have said precautions like never drinking alcohol, do not drive after taking Tastylia, and do not eat heavy food 3-hours before you take this pill.

ED patients must not try any alternative ways to get stronger erections while under ED medication with tadalafil reviews.

It will cause severe side effects like a strong erection for longer hours or no erection at all.

Drug Interactions

It is recommended not to take other medicines with Tastylia 2.5mg that can cause drug interactions if you consume them.

The medicines should not be taken with are like:

  • Anti-bacterial medicines
  • Anti-fungal drugs
  • HIV/AIDS medicines
  • Blood pressure pills
  • Seizure medicines

Side Effects

The most common side effects of Tastylia 2.5mg tablets include:

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Flushing
  • Stomach aches
  • Nausea
  • Rashes
  • Sore throat
  • Insomnia
  • Stuffy nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Back pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness


Q.Is Tastylia 5 Mg better than Viagra?

A. Yes, Tastylia 5 Mg is much more powerful than any costly or new ED medicines. Tastylia 5 Mg works, Viagra 50 Mg is.

It is why Tadalafil is much stronger and better than similar ED medicines.

Q. Why is Tadalafil called the weekend ED pill?

A. Tastylia 5 Mg starts to show an erection effect within 30 minutes. The penile strength withstands for more than 24 hours in some patients.

It is why Tadalafil is called a weekend ED pill in some western countries as a nickname for its results.

Q. Will Tastylia 5 Mg cause any side effects? 

A. An ED patient taking Tastylia 5Mg as directed by their doctor will not find any side effects.

It can show mild to severe side effects if you do not follow your doctor’s advice while on ED treatment with Tastylia 5 Mg.

Headaches, vomiting, and Priapism are some of the side effects of Tadalafil.

Q. Are Tastylia and Viagra the same?

A. Tadalafil and Viagra are WHO and FDA-approved ED pills. It is prescribed by doctors to reverse erectile dysfunction.

Yet, the salt content in Tastylia 5 Mg is Tadalafil, and in Viagra, it is Sildenafil Citrate.

Q. Should I avoid alcohol while taking Tastylia 2.5 Mg?

A. It just reduces alcohol intake even as taking alcohol in small amounts won’t cause any side effects but still, you need to ask your doctors whether you should consume alcohol or not.

Q. Can Tastylia 2.5 Mg affect your fertility?

A. No, Tastylia 2.5 Mg won’t affect fertility and it simply acts by soothing muscles around blood vessels that don’t affect fertility.


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