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Zyhcg 10000 IU Injection

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Active Ingredient

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)


Female infertility, Male hypogonadism


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1 ml in 1 vial


HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) (10000IU)

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6 To 15 Days

Zyhcg 10000 IU Injection

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What is ZyhCG 10000 iu Injection?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, which is the primary constituent of Zyhcg 10000 IU Injection, is obtained from the placental cells of pregnant women and is used to treat infertility in women and men. It is also used to treat delayed puberty issues in children.

You should avoid using Zyhcg 10000 IU Injection if you are allergic towards it, if you are pregnant, if you have early puberty or hormone-related cancer. Avoid the consumption of alcohol while taking this medicine. Before starting the medication, inform your doctor if you have any of the following conditions.

This medicine is considered to be the safest injection available it starts working in women by releasing their egg from the ovary and it also helps in increasing the testosterone level in males.

  • thyroid or adrenal gland disorder
  • an ovarian cyst
  • premature puberty
  • cancer or tumour of breast, uterus, ovary, hypothalamus, prostate or pituitary gland.
  • undiagnosed uterine bleeding
  • heart or kidney disease
  • epilepsy, migraines or asthma

Uses of ZYHCG 10000

The main use of ZYHCG 10000 is to treat infertility in a female who has been suffering from Menopause and has not been able to conceive a child due to an imbalance of hormones in their body.

This medicine is also prescribed to treat male infertility that may be caused due to lack of hormonal secretion in the body of the male by increasing the level of testosterone in them.

Apart from treating male and female infertility problems, this medicine is also been widely suggested to be used for the treatment of cryptorchidism.

How does ZYHCG 10000 work?

ZYHCG 10000 injection contains a sex hormone that helps in releasing an egg from the ovary of a woman which further helps in treating the problem of infertility in them.

This medicine is also reacted in the male body and starts working by increasing the production of a hormone that helps in treating various conditions like low sperm count and also helps in treating infertility in the male body.

How to take ZYHCG 10000?

You cannot take this injection on your own as you need a medical setup for this.

The doctor or nurse is the experienced one who will be able to give you this medication and that is why it is advisable to not self-administer it.


If we talk about the ZYHCG 10000 in the USA then in most cases it is taken under medical conditions only because you will not be able to inject this injection on your own.

The doors and duration of taking them should be by the prescription and suggestion given by your doctor to treat the problem of infertility in males or females.

Based on your health problem and your condition your farmer is will be able to suggest the required dosage for taking the injection.



ZYHCG injection is not been recommended to be used by pregnant women because there is various risk associated with it that may cause desirable effects on the baby.


ZYHCG 10000 injection does not affect the ability to drive and operate other machinery so it can safely be used and the individual who is under the medication of ZYHCG can freely operate the machine and drive.

Hormonal disorder

All those individuals who are suffering from hormonal imbalance in their body are advised to take this medicine with proper caution as it may cause some abnormal function in their adrenal glands, pituitary gland, or thyroid.


Unless it is very necessary it has not been recommended to take this medication by a breastfeeding mother.

Breastfeeding mother requires to take special precautions when they are under the medication of ZYHCG.

It is very important to talk to your doctor regarding the benefits and risks associated with it before starting your medication with ZYHCG.

Contraindication Of ZyhCG 10000

  • Hypersensitivity to ZyhCG 10000  inoculation is a contraindication. In addition, ZyhCG 10000  Injection should not be used if you have the next conditions:
  • Allergic reactions
  • Precocious puberty
  • Prostate cancer

Side Effects

ZYHCG 10000 Side Effects are very mild because they are the safest injection available to treat infertility problems.

If any symptoms or side effect may cause then you may overlook them because they are very mild and does not pose much effect on your body.

However, if you are concerned you can talk to your doctor regarding them.

Some of the most common side effects of ZYHCG injection include:

  • Restlessness
  • Headache
  • Irritation
  • Depression
  • Bloating
  • Stomach pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Allergic skin reaction
  • Irritability
  • Enlargement of breasts
  • Headache
  • Injection site pain
  • Sleeplessness

Storage Conditions for ZyhCG 10000 

Store medicines at room temperature, away from heat and direct light. Do not freeze medicines unless required by package insert. Keep medicines away from children and pets.

Buy ZYHCG 10000 in US and UK

You can buy ZYHCG 10000 online with ZYHCG 10000 price is very cheap to hear and you will get your injection deliver without any hassle at your doorstep within the shortest time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if you take too much ZYHCG 10000?

If you have taken an extra amount or overdosed on ZYHCG 10000 then in such a situation you need to consult your doctor and seek medical advice as soon as possible to safeguard yourself from further hazardous effects on your body.

What are the common drug interactions?

It became very vital to discover drug interaction before starting with any medicine.

To safeguard yourself from any problem it is very important to discover with your doctor about your current medicines and herbs you are taking so that he will be able to discover drug interaction and will suggest the right duration and dosage of taking ZYHCG 10000.

What happens if you take too much ZYHCG 10000?

If you have taken an extra amount or overdosed on ZYHCG 10000 then in such a situation you need to consult your doctor and seek medical advice as soon as possible to safeguard yourself from further hazardous effects on your body.

What if you forget to take ZYHCG 10000?

You need to consult your healthcare provider for further treatment and instructions if you have missed the scheduled dose of ZYHCG 10000.

To treat yourself with an infertility problem you must follow a strict routine and schedule of taking ZYHCG injections as per the doctor’s recommendation.

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    I’m thrilled to share my positive response to [product]. It exceeded my expectations in every way, from its exceptional quality to its outstanding customer service. The team behind it truly understands their customers’ needs and delivers a top-notch experience. I am be happier with my decision to [purchase] and highly recommend it to others. This has been a truly fantastic experience!

  2. Margaret

    Saved me a lot of money
    Saved me a lot of money, I don’t have health insurance and some rx were very expensive until I showed them my Good Rx
    Thank you for keeping the prices real:)

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